Hybrid Dual

Featuring 24" dual monitors and PCAP touch screen, the Hybrid II Dual Cabinet offers maximum visibility with easy change panels for a variety of printers and bill acceptors!

Hybrid Single

Meet the Hybrid Single, a classic gaming cabinet from Primero Games.

Hybrid Portrait

Introducing the Hybrid 32, featuring our 32" portrait monitor and PCAP touch screen. Complemented with LED bezels, backlit button panel, and pops of color programmed for your games, the Hybrid 32 is a great option for locations.

Solar Single Monitor

The Solar Single features an all metal sleek 22" single monitor. For a more classic finish, customize this metal cabinet today!



Width : 27 ¾″

Height: 68″

Depth: 23 ⅛″

Solar Portrait

Introducing the Solar Portrait Cabinet, featuring a 32" touch-screen monitor with a portrait display and clean finish.  The Solar Portrait is a standard option that displays high-quality graphics for optimal viewing.

Solar Dual Monitor

Introducing the Solar Dual Metal Cabinet, featuring two sleek 22" monitor configurations, for maximum visibility. A classic option with a touch-screen monitor and two high-definition screens for gameplay. A modern design that maximizes comfort, visibility, and floor space.

Rainbow Series

Introducing the Rainbow Series cabinets from Primero Games! Our 43" portrait cabinet captures the attention of any player, while offering a sleek finish and pops of color. Players will gravitate towards the high-resolution monitor display. Finished with larger palm rest, increased legroom, and standard features like the cup holder and USB charger, the Rainbow Series is the next generation cabinets for Primero Games. Designed to effectively utilize space, while offering a captivating image with a new digital lighting system, the Rainbow 43" is perfect for gameplay.


*Offering a more classic look, our dual-screen rainbow monitors give the same pop of color, with a 24" dual monitor available.

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