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Meet the

Leadership Team

The Primero Games leadership team has decades of experience ranging from game development to cabinet design to client advocacy. The leadership team strives to promote employee development, so our team can create the best gaming experience and have a positive work culture. We are committed to building trust with our customers and bringing value to their business. It all starts with our leadership team and the values they bring to the team!

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Barry Rutherford

Prior to running Business Development for Primero Games, Barry Rutherford cofounded a software start-up to generate digital tools for corporations, nonprofits, and politicians. Since coming on board in June 2017, the University of Georgia alumnus has helped drive the organization’s success by making connections in new markets and partnering with the engineering team. In addition to being a caring husband and father, Rutherford is an avid golfer.

Chief Executive Officer

Victor Kannan

Victor Kannan was appointed Chief Financial Officer in January 2014. Kannan has dedicated himself to helping private technology enterprises navigate the ups and downs of business to ultimately come out ahead. A lifelong volunteer and current youth mentor, Kannan is a firm believer in the importance of investing in people and takes great joy in fostering the professional development of his employees.

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Rogers

Georgia Sales Manager

Randy Young

Senior Sales Representative 

Dennis Schaffer

Midwest Sales Manager

Kristina McDaniel

Inside Sales and Customer Service Manager

Gina Lanphear

Director of Marketing

Meet the Sales & Marketing Team

Our marketing and sales team at Primero Games will greet you with a big smile and positive attitude! We are dedicated to answering any questions our customers have, so they can make the best decision for their business. Whether we are designing new promotional goodies to take home or hosting a lunch for our customers, our team will find the best product to bring value to your business.

Meet the Customer Service Team

Ariel Alston

Customer Service Representative/Inside Sales Specialist

Chris Ward

Technical Services Supervisor

Johnny Davis

Customer Service Technician

Step foot in Primero Games or give us a call and you will be greeted by our friendly customer service team! Our team strives to create a welcoming experience for both our existing and new customers. With years of experience helping customers, our team is ready to assist with any tasks or questions you have!

Meet the

Legal / HR Team

Mark Jefferson

Chief Legal Counsel

Lisa Johnson

Human Resources Manager

Primero Games strives to offer the best work environment for our employees. Our legal and HR team is committed to making our employees feel valued everyday. The team promotes collaboration and facilitates an open-door policy for all employees.

Mike Macke


An industry pioneer and entrepreneur, Mike Macke has more than 40 years of gaming experience ranging from production and cabinet design to game development and advocacy. He is known for his work with Digital Controls, conceptualizing the “nudge” for the Georgia market, and launching Cadillac Jack. After establishing a burgeoning operator business, Macke bought Primero Games in late 2020. Furthermore, he is a devoted philanthropist, beekeeper, and trout farm owner.

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