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Primero Games Acquires Metal Manufacturer

Primero Games acquired Metcam, Inc on April 30th, 2022, an Atlanta-based manufacturer of sheet metal cabinets and components. Primero and Metcam have formed a strategic alliance to streamline Primero’s manufacturing operations of gaming cabinets, cash-dispensing kiosks, and Point-of-Sale systems, which will help customers to get their products at a higher level of consistent quality, without being affected by the challenging global supply chain issues. Metcam is a reputable fabrication company of sheet metal components that has been in the industry for 47 years, meeting the growing demands of the market. Due to this acquisition, Primero will be able to offer custom cabinet designs to its large and small customers globally. Mike Macke, gaming industry icon for over 40 years and owner of Primero Games stated, “Adding a gaming cabinet line to our existing product line opens new doors and opportunities to Metcam. Customers globally will enjoy more variety and value in games and cabinets. I am also very proud to say these cabinets are made in the USA.” Metcam CEO, John Mazurek, said “We are extremely excited about the new possibiliies this acquisition brings to Metcam, its employees and customers. The synergy of engineering and design for manufacturing provides its customers added value and a competitive edge.” About Metcam: Metcam marries sustainable practices with high-quality products by streamlining waste reduction processes with innovative equipment and fabrication processes. Metcam has won top honors in the state of Georgia by their customers, in addition to "Small Manufacturer of the Year in Georgia" in 2018. To check out Metcam, click below:

Primero Games Storms UK

Primero Games acquires controlling interest in UK-based iGaming and software supplier, Storm Gaming. With Primero’s acquisition, the new company structure and investment will create a mutually beneficial relationship for both companies with a sizable content library - in addition to global expansion opportunities. Under the new structure, Primero Games, which is owned by industry icon and entrepreneur, Mike Macke, will become the majority shareholder with Richard Sheldon and Darren Breese. Along with Macke, Breese, and Sheldon, joining the board is Sabrina Anthi Howells, continuing as Storm’s Commercial Director, as well as Primero CFO, Victor Kannan, and Primero Business Development Director, Barry Rutherford. This partnership allows Primero to increase its content library, specifically focusing on the iGaming market and entry into new global markets. Primero will have access to Storm’s Remote Game Server with dozens of games to choose from, increasing customer reach and gameplay. Macke is eager for the opportunity to work with Storm’s CEO, Richard Sheldon, and former BluePrint Gaming Founder, Darren Breese. Macke and Breese’s relationship spans over two decades and the joint experience across both teams will allow for accelerated growth. Macke stated, “We are looking for a strategic blend between land-based games and online games. With the successful track record of Storm’s Remote Game Server and Primero’s record of releasing reputable games, this partnership unifies the two. This next chapter is the ideal opportunity for Primero to accelerate into the iGaming market and leverage the remote gaming server for significant growth.” The financial investment backs new manufacturing opportunities in the US for Storm. Macke and Sheldon are focused not only on online strategy growth with the aim of substantial integrations on to the RGS across many platforms, but also on land-based strategy and the opportunity to enter new markets - particularly in the US and Latin America, already in the pipeline. In addition, The UK gaming market offers Primero a stable, regulatory environment to expand land-based strategy. This will see for both companies to grow over the coming years with new product launches in UK gaming markets, new content for iGaming markets, and the entry of new markets for both Primero and Storm. Commenting on the deal, Sheldon stated “The company has worked hard to build a brand in gaming and our ambitions are to be a significant global name in gaming markets worldwide. The link with Primero immediately gives us access to a huge pool of product and talent in the US markets and will allow us to bring some of the best-known content in US land based into the iGaming sectors - as well as a transfer of knowledge and product between the two companies, allowing both companies to grow significantly over the coming years.” To check out Storm Gaming Technology, click below:

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