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Joker Party

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5 Game Suite

Cadillac 2

The legend continues!

5 Game Suite

Best Classics

Together at last!

9 Game Suite

Founded in 2009, Primero Games has since successfully continued to expand and grow. We specialize in developing innovative software and equipment for the amusement industry. 

Our mission is to keep delivering the latest innovations to the amusement industry by translating customer needs into the next big idea. Primero is a proud member of national and state associations including the AMOAAAMAGAMOAAMOT,   MCMOA, and WAMO.

A Perfect Gaming Experience

Check out our catalog of single and dual screen cabinets. 

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With offices in Duluth, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Canada, join our team!

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Ticket2Play System!

Our new Ticket2Play system is player-friendly. It’s simple- insert your ticket in the bill acceptor to play!

Deluxe Stools 

Players will never want to get up from our Primero Deluxe Stools. Easily branded with your company’s logo for a customized finish.

Featured: Joker Party

Join the party with this 5-game suite!




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Our proven track record of creating performing and profitable skill-based games is unmatched. We offer a variety of configurations and game mechanic variations to suit a variety of markets. If you are looking to extend your service area, or start fresh, we have the industry leading platforms ready for you.

Primero Games

New TITO System!

Our most streamlined system ever! Smooth operating through the busiest times.

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