Rainbow Cabinet 24D – Dual 24″ Monitor

Introducing our newly updated all metal dual 24″ monitor Rainbow Cabinet with our smallest footprint yet!
Featuring New Digital Lighting System, Cashless Devices capability, Ergonomic Button Panel, High Quality Sound, Customizable Logos and much more.

Call us today to customize your new Rainbow 24D cabinet!

Dual 24″ widescreen monitor:

  • Goldfinger

Casino Grade Bill Validators:

  • JCM UBA 10
  • More upon request

Easy change panels allow for unlimited printer options including:

  • Reliance Pyramid, with Large Paper Roll Capability
  • JCM Fanfold
  • More upon request


  • Width : 23.6″
  • Height: 79.3″
  • Depth: 19.4″