Best of Spins

Keep the customers coming in with six popular games, each with bonuses that players will LOVE!

El Dorado

Sign up for adventure with this exciting game from Primero! Free Spins and a FUN Bonus will give you the best of both worlds!

Funny Fruit

Have the last laugh with Funny Fruit! Enjoy a FUN Pick & Collect Bonus.

Silver Bar Spin

Bars, Stars and Sevens shining bright! Free Spins with 2 extra pay lines.

Freedom Nudge

Line up Lady Liberty and let freedom ring! It doesn’t get any more patriotic than this game!

Let’s Get iRich!

This 8-liner game, with a brand new Skill Feature and exciting Beer Keg Bonus help make St-Patty’s Day every day!

Magic Tricks

The fun appears like magic… Reveal up to 5 Wild Games where the third reel remains Wild!


  • 8 lines
  • Single line
  • Activation/Refill


  • MIG




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